Miss Rachael-Dawn Craig (wondergurl_77) wrote in hyboind,
Miss Rachael-Dawn Craig

1,000,000 Isk Promo

Hey Folks :)

Just thought I'd let you know that this week and *possibly* the next I'm running a 'million isk' promotion on all my ship sales. All cruisers come with an additional 1,000,000 ISK and Badgers, Mammoths and Bestowers come with an extra 2,000,000 ISK!

You can check out my Ebay auctions here,

or contact me directly to arrange a deal!
Email: takenmoniker at hotmail.com

Fair prices and prompt delivery - guaranteed!

Reminder: You are paying me for the time I spent playing this game. All the items related to Eve Online are the properties of CCP.

Take Care Everyone, and have fun ;)
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[boggles] Someone other than I actually used HyboInd!? The joy, the joy!