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[15 Jun 2004|03:11pm]

Hey Eve - or Zamiel :) This place needs some new members lke wOAH. :P

I thought I'd update you on what's going on with my store!

Last time I posted, as you may remember, I was offering mostly cruisers. I'd like to announce that now, in addition to cruisers I'm offering the following:

Isk in chunks of 5,000,000.00 10,000,000.00 and 100,000,000.00
Rare Loot
Stations (yes Stations)
and more!

*note, Many items are currently running a 2,000,000.00 ISK bonus promotion!

You can check out my Ebay auctions here, or visit my Ebay Store.

Many items are not listed in my Ebay store for various reasons, if you don't see what you're looking for feel free to contact me (takenmoniker at hotmail dot com) to negotiate a price - there isn't much I can't provide for you.

Happy Gaming :)
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1,000,000 Isk Promo [14 May 2004|12:09pm]

Hey Folks :)

Just thought I'd let you know that this week and *possibly* the next I'm running a 'million isk' promotion on all my ship sales. All cruisers come with an additional 1,000,000 ISK and Badgers, Mammoths and Bestowers come with an extra 2,000,000 ISK!

You can check out my Ebay auctions here,

or contact me directly to arrange a deal!
Email: takenmoniker at hotmail.com

Fair prices and prompt delivery - guaranteed!

Reminder: You are paying me for the time I spent playing this game. All the items related to Eve Online are the properties of CCP.

Take Care Everyone, and have fun ;)
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[10 Jul 2003|09:08am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Huzzah!: Its patchday, and for a change good things actually happened. You'll notice a few slight changes in your HUD, but more importantly with the way lock-ons are managed. Drone Warriors will now notice both Attack and Return and Orbit are at the top-level on the right-click drone menu instead of under a sub-menu.

I haven't tested the bookmarking, yet, supposedly it still has some bugs in the way it manages deletions, but ... any move should be a step up.

Oh, yes, and there's more Jaspet and Pyroxeres in the factory. Damnit, I need manufacturing materials, even if we don't have much to manufactore or people to sell it to.

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[09 Jul 2003|04:40pm]

Update: Another three asteroids of jaspet added to the factory bay.

The pirates in this area are particularly annoying. The missile damage from the single type I've seen that fires them isn't really significant ... but the blast effect can push you well away from the position you originally held. Its quite annoying.
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[09 Jul 2003|06:15am]

[ mood | tired ]

Nota Bene: The new location has been secured and enough hardware has been relocated to supply our immediate drone needs. Still remaining are the corporate arsenal and a number of other things. Liquidating these resources might make transit easier -- shuttles are very available in the local area, making transit back to grab one's second vehicle considerably faster and easier.

Currently there are two Gallente shuttles in the corporate bay which can be liquidated for 8k each, not losing much in the process. Its worthwhile to liquidate them there and any more you bring back there in the process of asset migration.

Note that Sansha's Nation pirates are seen fairly frequently near stargates inbound to this region. Usually its merely two relative middleweights -- either speed or firepower can dispose of them easily. Your discretion.

There are currently 698 units of jaspet to be refined and a rich vein of it easily at hand. No minerals for production are mined as yet, but this should be the work of but a moment.

Alert: Be alerted that at least one type of Sansha's ship in the area fires missiles. Having a missile defense system (such as Defenders) or a fast shield-recharge module is vital. Do not risk corporate assets unnecessarily -- plan ahead.

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[03 Jul 2003|10:16pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

Minor Mistakes: Just as a note, there's a spare Medium Hybrid Weapons skill lying in corp bay 4 in Otsela, due to a slip of the mouse while I was buying Medium Energy. By all means, make use of it if we need it, or we can save it for the next newbie to join our merry band of hoodlums.

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[02 Jul 2003|05:04am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

News Update: The Big Patch has been delayed 'til Thurday's reboot. We should all be looking forward to this one, in part because it'll slam down the ammo range mods on all three of the major weapon types, meaning most engagements will occur at even closer ranges, tightening up combat a lot -- and making things like drones and mines more than mildly viable, as there'll be a lot more need for driving in to the target. Missiles, likewise, look like they'll become the method of choice for hunting down and taking out targets at significant range (over 15km).

Its worth noting that while I believe that both Sei and I have missile skills, and 7 does as well, none of us are piloting ships that make significant -- if any! -- use of missiles, including defensive ones. This puts us in a bit of a bind, insofar as missile defenses go. Smartbombs are too lethal to use unless you're a pure gun ship without drone screens (as they'll wipe out your drones along with incoming missiles). Sei has looked at the Caracol, I believe, the Caldari missile cruiser, but I haven't heard him pass any significant judgement on it yet. Lasers and missiles would be a potent combination, indeed, for all-range attack.

Purchases: Right now we're doing fairly well, but in a fit of curiosity I've asked Dahoth to check around in his area and get us quotes on the Gallente Battleships and Iteron Mk5's in his area. In ours, the best price tonight for the indy is 1.5 mil, which at our current production capacity is barely a half-night's work, in exchange for a vessel that can haul 12k cubic metres. When/if we decide to do heavy mining ops in locations we want to make as few trips back and forth as possible, that could become a real issue. On the other hand, I'm 7d away from reaching Gal Cruiser IV, and being ready to study Gal Battleship I -- which would give us access to the Dominix and its 6 high-slot turrets. Might be worth thinking about, depending on its investment cost.

If anyone else has any more near-term goals that we need to consider, please, let me know. I'm very flexible, and our ability to crank out cash when we want to is a potent leveraging force. I know 7 was discussing trade runs -- if there's interest, it would certainly be valuable to look at either securing him to run them himself, or teaching Mal how to do so, and the corp can create the seed money and see how the profit shakes out.

Options, options, always the options.

Feedback would be good.

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[01 Jul 2003|05:07pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Reminder: When you withdraw funds or put funds into the corporate wallet, be sure to tag what the withdrawals are going to. Its one of the few ways to track what its valuable to invest in blueprints for, etc.

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[30 Jun 2003|02:56pm]

[ mood | good ]

Sales: OK, isogen brought about 4mil ISK, after I ferried it all over the galaxy. This is without even dipping into selling the rest of the materials ... which should bring a nice chunk, though somewhat less.

I like accomplishment.

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[30 Jun 2003|01:31pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Oring Around: In case anyone wonders where the isogen went -- its with me. I figured I'd run it around and get all the best money I can for it. Its being flown in a heavy-gunned Vex, so piracy's not much of a concern.

Research Pays Off: If anyone sees blueprints or raw drones for sale, specifically the Ogre Heavy Drone, let me know immediately. The Ogre does 12 thermal damage every 2 seconds. You can just imagine my hunger.

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[30 Jun 2003|02:14am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Effective Day: We've had quite a productive time of it today. Currently, the factory contents stand at 9100 units of kernite and 100k of omber. This on a day that there was no defined mining op, just the ongoing efforts of Ronin, Sei, and myself. Once refined and sold, this should bring the corporate wallet back up to a comfortable margin for ongoing operations.

Now that we're all en'cruiser'd, its worth taking stock of our situation. Tomorrow's patch is going to impact the short-term desirability of hybrid weaponry -- the fact that we can create and sell a rather large amount of medium and small uranium hybrid charges without breaking much of a mineral sweat may serve us in good stead, as people begin backing off their use of anti-matter because of its harsh range penalty. (In fact, I'm putting 1500 rounds up for sale as a sort of trial baloon at 17 ISK.) If things turn our way, prices will jump skywards and supplies will start eating it up with ours.

We need to discuss the future plans as a group, soon. One possible path forward is the establishment of a "trading fund," a stash of cash we can use as a seed charge for a Bestower trading run. Ronin tells me that a decent run can be made that pays itself off in a week for 20 million ISK. Up until now, that's been a considerable effort for us, but after tomorrow, that will not be the case. We will have four highly capable cruisercraft, each packing four mining lasers. That's a grand total of 16 active lasers, all tearing out the best bits of one or more asteroid fields. Each of us is capable of piloting an industrial ship, so shifting from mining to hauling mode to bring in the results is well within reason. There's no reason that we can't go from casually turning over 1 - 2 million ISK a night to 4x or even 5x that. At that rate, creating a seed fund is only the work of a week, outside.

Its only one option, of course. More short term, we need to acquire a set of medium laser turrets for Sei's Exequor (as the rest of us have the blueprints to build more 250mm's and dual-150's). Fairly small cost, comparitively, for the reward.

Ops: Monday night, 10p Eastern, mining op in to be announced 0.3 location. Details have already been posted, and everyone knows their roles. I look forward to experiencing this step forward with all of you.

Feedback: Remember, the corporation is more than just one man. All of you have an opinion and an aim, and its an important one. As the corporate motto states, "If you can't have toys, why play?" Toys are more than ships and weapons, they're experiences. Let us know what you want to do -- and we'll get there.

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[28 Jun 2003|09:19pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Income: So far tonight, Sei M'pas and I have collected 10k kernite and 24k omber so far this evening. I have another 10k kernite and closing on 10k omber floating here in space, as we speak.

If we can get this refined, then properly hustled about to get the very best prices in the region for the materials, we should turn a more than enough to purchase the Vexxor tonight, thus equipping Sei with his personal cruiser and setting us on the good road for the operation on Monday. Being ahead of schedule never hurt a single soul.

If we can, let's try to go total mining mode tonight, with Mal hauling and both Sei and myself mining full time on rock.

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[27 Jun 2003|06:16am]

[ mood | tired ]

Updates: OK, at the risk of sounding contrieved, new plan:

  • Mal purchased the Omen, and I assume its parked in a hangar somewhere. He assures me it can be operational within 72 hours, which puts us, roughly, at Monday night's planned mining op. I can't say this isn't without its positives; having a heavily armed Omen on site will both reassure me a bit and give us some flexibility we wouldn't have had otherwise.
  • The corporate wallet has currently got a nice 2.1 million ISK in it. With a little cooperation from the other crew members, we can easily hit the 6.26 million mark again, and in short order.
So, this taken into account, here's our current timeline of nearterm operations:
  • Friday/Saturday Night: At least one of these nights, we really should pull off a coordinated mass mining in Uminal, preferably seeking Kernite, but frankly stripping everything down to Pyroxeres would probably be wise. If we can get Mal on as on-site hauling, this will go much, much faster, with Sei and my 8 mining lasers, plus drone overwatch.
  • Sunday Night: We need to have a "dress rehersal," of sorts, with the crews in their chosen ships (or close to it) ganging together and practicing some group jumps in Uminas. We likewise need to make sure of our course to be taken for the op. Mal and I should relocate our cargo vessels out to the mining op site in a picked starbase of operations.
  • Monday Night: The op itself. We three, all en-cruisered, fly to the ops location, set up a defensive perimeter, and begin mining materials as swiftly as possible. Once the operational area is cleared and some materials are piling up, Mal will switch from Omen to Bestower, haul it in, and be certain its safely stowed. If things become dangerously lethal, we'll bring the hardware to refit the Omen for full-combat, and simply keep it on site at the op until I haul the important material in.
Following this timeline should make things proceed smoothly and by the book, unless rogue forces intrude.

Should we have a visit from, say, M0o or other like group, an on-the-field decision will be made whether or not to engage or withdraw -- with the likely expense incurred in engaging weighing heavily on that decision. Since the preferable op-spec is to have no cargo floating loose for longer than a few minutes at a time (since the Bestower will be immediately present), a hasty withdrawal, screened by the drone force will likely be the likely called plan.

I don't actually forsee any of those sorts of problems, but having a plan up front saves confusion on the field of battle, and confusion can kill you -- and worse, cost the company assets.

As always, counterpoints or enhancements will be entertained.
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[26 Jun 2003|07:00pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Mineral Wealth: Thanks to an extraordinary amount of mining and hauling, we currently have 12,000 units of Kernite and 20,000 units of Omber in the factory space. Without doubt, we will have more there before the night is out. After refining tonight, we should be absolutely certain to take the minerals to get the best prices possible in the region. This very well may push us over the top for our next acquisition.

Allies: I spent a good chunk of time talking with folks from the Shadow Hunters corporation in Uminas today. They seem a reasonable bunch with compatible aims. Certainly courting their support can not be an inherently bad idea.

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[26 Jun 2003|02:52pm]

[ mood | working ]

Mining Tonight: Already on-rock in Uminas. Interestingly, it seems that last night fostered some asteroid regeneration, as it seems that there are several Kernite rocks here in the fields. Top priority should be to seek and acquire these mineral resources with all speed.

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[26 Jun 2003|05:58am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Awareness: Ah! Needed to set "show community icon" in my personal Journal Settings. Very nice.

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[26 Jun 2003|05:54am]

[ mood | dorky ]

Iconic: Well, the community has its own icon now, at least ... let's see if it displays.

Later: Obviously not. Sigh. Annoying thing. Will fiddle tomorrow.

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[26 Jun 2003|05:17am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Addenda: Make that 640k more in the corporate wallet from running a load of Isogen to Kisogo. It was worth the long distance run in the Tristan to get that kind of money from our left-overs at Inaya. That brings our current funding level to 4 million ISK. We need to decide if its more valuable to get the Vexxor first or to go for the Omen, as I don't believe Mal will be ready to fly an Amarr cruiser in the next day or two.

If we go for the Vex now, we can put much of the profit from Monday's op toward the Omen (and likely easily get it with the profits gained between now and then). However, I believe this is a decision best made by the leadership cadre as a group.

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[26 Jun 2003|04:34am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Fittings: Experimental evidence suggests that the Exequor is a little bit underpowered in terms of power grid to be a fully capable combat vessel, but it definitely has the potential where it counts in fighting off pirate assailants during advanced mining operations.

Current prefered load-out is as follows:

  • 1x 250mm Railgun
  • 2x Dual 150mm Railgun
  • 1x 150mm Railgun
  • 1x Small C5-L Emergency Shield Overload (rare pirate booty)
  • 1x Micro Shield Extender I
  • 3x Basic Overdrive Injector
Some of these pieces of equipment may be swapped out for improved versions (rare booty drops) with a slight gain in efficency, but it is believed this selection can be used by most qualified pilots without significant difficulty.

Dinero: Funds acquired in the current day come to, roughly, 1.8 million credits. bringing the corporate wallet up to 3.3 million ISK. As the current purchase desire (an Omen) runs an even 6 million ISK, we're just over half-way there. I believe it is possible to double the throughput of our mining operation, but that will require all three of our primary players to be on shift and in the operation simultaneously for at least two hours. We should, by all means, do everything in our power to accomplish this.

Acquisition Plans: Current plan of ship acquisition is as follows:
  • Omen (for Mal)
  • Vexxor (for Zamiel'vrai; at this point we should all have a cruiser, as Sei will inherit mine and return 7's)
  • Sei's choice of industrial ship
  • Iteron Mk5 (for Zamiel'vrai, who'll place his Badger II in the corporate pool for group access)
The acquisition of appropriate blueprints is temporarily on hold while we assay current patterns of demand. Plus, current prices for desirable prints (100mil for a heavy pulse laser blueprint!) are over-inflated and should experience correction in the future.

Suggestions for priority acquisitions for the corporation will be entertained, with good business justifications.

Mineral Analysis: Looking at the maximum profit potential combined with the ease of transport of minerals in accessible asteroid belts, its suggested that we attempt to mine and refine a large cargo of Plagioclase in the next day or so. The amount of Mexallion looks to be very nice compared to the volume a single unit of Plag occupies. While Kernite would, of course, be ideal, we must accept our current limitations and maximize our potential. Pyroxeres appears to be the next most valuable ore for our profit; the Noxium so refined should provide a significant advantage ... but not so much as that of Mexallion in straightforward volume.

(All numbers taken from http://www.eve-i.com/ore.php -- all errors of fact are theirs, all errors of interpretation, mine.)

Reminder: Mal has suggested we run a heavy mining op on Monday night, in a system 8 jumps away, in search of significant Jaspet resources. At this point, I'm feeling secure in the team's ability to secure itself against most pirate incursion. The current thoughts on the defense perimeter are as follows:
Sei: Piloting a combat-loadout Exequor, replacing the 150mm with a mining laser.

Mal: Piloting the Bestower, mounting a 150mm railgun and a gravitic smartbomb; he'll remain on-site while mining ops are ongoing unless running rock back to the system station selected as temporary base.

Zamiel'vrai: Piloting an Exequor in mining mufti, doing area defense using the drone swarm (weighted more heavily toward a heavy weight of drones)
These plans are undergoing frequent revision, and suggestions for modification for greater success liklihood are always welcome.
-- Xavier Gabriul Zamiel'vrai, Director of Mining and Development, Acting CEO-Kinda Guy
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[25 Jun 2003|07:29pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

As a note, if you have Electronics 2, Sensor Upgrades 1, and Gallente Frigate 3, them I have an Incursus you can outright have that I've refit to be capable of supporting three mining lasers and two Hobgobblin combat drones (should you have the requisite Drones 2 and Scout Drones 1 skills). This would certainly be an effective mining craft for someone interested in taking up the path of the Gallente Frigate pilot and with the requisite supporting skillset.

The Kowai Thetis Incursus will be placed in Corporate Hangar Bay 5 for interested parties. Please do not strip the modules off this vehicle; they may be useful in other corporate contexts later.

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